Our Story

Our organization Academy Of Robotics aims in providing the live techniques in improving the efficiency of learning which not only makes students enjoy but also lays a strong foundation through visual memory. This technique helps to develop the young minds through implementation of logic and experiments. As robotics being an advanced technology which is useful in varied streams, AOR strives to help you creating a strong base to your kids education.

We provide mind training and attractive learning methods for schools and term classes.

The environment for the students helps in proving them as better individuals as they learn to balance all kinds of challenges which they can face in near future. Qualities like decision making, Team Work, Human Relation, Problem solving are inculcated in Young Minds.

Participants attending our programs work in teams of two or more. An instructor introduces the teams to equipment, materials and concepts though interactive demonstrations, hands-on tutorials, team activities, and challenges. A much trained set of people handle the children which make them work according to their ages who has the access to develop based on their performance.

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